Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 16:37:05 -0500
To: "Healy, Dan" <>
From: "Peter W. Sachs, Esq." <>
Subject: Re: Savin Corporation v., File # FA 103982

Dear Mr. Healy:

I have previously dealt with your colleague, Mr. Einhorn, on this matter. As I have told him in the past, there is no basis whatsoever for a transfer of the domain name to Savin Corporation, and you will not prevail, period. You are doing nothing more than wasting your client's money.

You may not know that the domain name "" had expired on October 22, 2001. Since I had not heard anything from Mr. Einhorn since April, 2000, I had assumed the matter was closed and I had no intention of renewing the name.

This meant that "" would have been returned to the available name pool, and anyone, including your client, could have purchased it through a Domain Registry for $35.00. Instead, Mr. Einhorn apparently decided it was more cost effective to have your client incur arbitration fees as well as additional legal fees from your firm.

As you may know, I spoke with your client, (which, as an attorney who is also the party in this action is absolutely permitted under Connecticut State law), and I explained to him that there is no basis for a transfer, that the domain name in question had expired over 3 months ago, and that rather than simply advising Savin to purchase the name from a Domain Registry, your firm opted to waste even more of Savin's money by bringing an arbitration action.

As a former partner at Anderson, Kill, I find it difficult to believe that this was the legal advise you gave your client. From what I remember of Gene Anderson or Larry Kill, I doubt either of them would have suggested to Savin that they pay thousands of dollars rather than $35 to secure the domain name in question.

At this writing, there are 361 registered domain names containing the string "savin." This does not include the 11,599 which include "savin" as part of the word "savings." Are you also going to advise your client to go after all of them?

Nonetheless, if you wish to proceed with this matter that is your option. Having read your Complaint, it is quite apparent that your expertise in this particular area of the law is very limited. As you will soon find out, mine is not.


Peter Sachs