Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:41:07 -0500
"Peter W. Sachs, Esq. - ICONN.NET" <>
Subject Re Savin Corporation v. - FA0201000103982

Dear Ms. Hultman

I am not certain whether the Rules permit me to respond to the Complainant's "Additional Submission," dated February 19, 2002. Specifically, Supp. Rule 7(c), (which applies to all cases filed between October 15, 2001 and February 1, 2002), states

"The opposing party may respond, in hard copy or electronic form, to an additional submission filed in accordance with Supplemental Rule 7(a)." The Complainant submitted it's Additional Submission on February 19, 2002, seven calendar days after my Response was submitted. Supp. Rule 7 clearly permits only five calendar days for any additional submissions. Thus, the Complainant's Additional Submission was not filed in accordance with Supplemental Rule 7(a), and therein lies the dilemma.

Am permitted to respond or am I barred by Supp. Rule 7(c)? Please advise me as soon as possible so that I may file any necessary additional Response in a timely fashion.


Peter Sachs