Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 17:53:06 -0500
From: "Peter W. Sachs, Esq. - ICONN.NET" <>
Subject: Savin Corporation v. - FA0201000103982,,

Dear Ms. Hultman:

Having reviewed the March 5, 2002 decision in the above referenced proceeding, it is apparent that the Panel failed to address my request for a finding of reverse domain name hijacking pursuant to Paragraph 15(e) of the Rules. 

While I am certainly pleased that the Complainant's request for transfer was denied, the Rules permit me to request a finding reverse domain name hijacking and the panel is required to address that request. 

You have asked me to put in writing my request that the Forum communicate my concerns on this issue to the panelists on my behalf. Please accept this message as that request.

The Complainant and Complainant's counsel have been CC'ed on this message.


Peter Sachs, Esq.